Heather persevered.  Heather’s life was dedicated to her love of family, children, and animals.  Unfortunately she and her husband Jason were unable to have their own children.  Heather had Neurofibromatosis which could be passed on.  Heather was a career nanny and cared for children as if they were her own.  At home she loved and cared for her Samoyed “Layla” and Calvin her cat.  Calvin was at her side through her battle with breast cancer.  Heather was not only a wonderful wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin and friend, but she was an example to everyone that knew her.  Heather lived a life with “Courage and Hope.”


Together we want to keep Heather's memory alive by providing gifts and help  to individuals and families that have persevered through life's challenges.  

Who do you know who - through no fault of their own - is experiencing hardship, a catastrophic life event, illness, or is just plain in need?  Tell us the story by filling out the APPLICATION.

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